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Evoland free Mac Game

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Evoland is a 2013 role-playing video game developed by Shiro Games, a French video game development company based in Bordeaux. Evoland was first released for Microsoft Windows and OS X in April 2013, Android and iOS in February 2015 and Linux in March 2015.

The design retraces the history of video games. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Diablo and Final Fantasy gameplay, the game has many references to movies and video game history. As the player progresses, they unlock new technologies and graphical upgrades that nod towards different eras of the video game industry.

A sequel, Evoland 2, was announced at the end of 2014 and was released August 25, 2015. The two games were packaged together as Evoland: Legendary Edition and released for home consoles in February 2019.


Evoland is based on the concept of tracing the evolution of video games. When the player begins his or her adventure there are only two colors, big, simple pixels and a 2D character. Through the adventure, the player gradually unlocks new graphics, new technologies and new gameplay until reaching the HD age and a three-dimensional world. This evolution in-game of video game history is punctuated by many references to classic role-playing games and movies.

The game alternates between action RPG phases similar to The Legend of Zelda and Active-Time Battles like those seen in Final Fantasy. The character moves in a world made up of dungeons, caverns, forests and villages full of NPCs. Players will collect the in-game currency Glis after each battle, which can be spent in towns to purchase additional items and upgrades, many of which must be obtained to finish the game. In addition to completing the story mode, players can also attempt to find hidden stars and cards that are scattered around the game world, the latter of which can be used in a collectible card game based on "Triple Triad" from Final Fantasy VIII.

Screenshots from the game Evoland

System requirements Evoland for Mac Os:

  • OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz +
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64 MB video memory

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