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Game of Thrones: Season Finale free Mac Game

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System requirements
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Today, only the lazy one does not know about the “Song of Ice and Fire”: anyone who has not watched the super popular “Game of Thrones” has heard or even read it at least out of the corner about George Martin’s famous book cycle. “Song of Ice and Fire” is a whole world that has gathered around itself a million-strong army of fans. Death, betrayal and rape - in this world there is everything that makes a sentimental viewer / reader to reach for another portion of sedative. There are no knights in sparkling armor and noble elves, and if they appear, then they will soon die a brutal death. But bad guys and very bad bad guys will remain and will gloat over the remaining good ones. This is what is sung in the "Song" if you still did not know.

And, sadly, such a colorful universe still does not have a decent game based on motives. There was a boring strategy, there was a monotonous RPG, and these games can be called “good” only with a big stretch. But now everything can change dramatically, because already on December 2 the light will see a new game series from Telltale Games (the authors of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us), which promises to be a really high-quality game.

The Game of Thrones is divided into six episodes, which will be gradually released throughout the year. The game will tell about the Forrester family, the faithful standard-bearers of the great house of Starks. The Game of Thrones action will throw us into the very middle of the story “Songs of Ice and Fire”: the game will take place parallel to the events shown in the fourth season of the series, slightly affecting the ending of the third and the beginning of the fifth. If you take the book into account, then everything falls on the end of the third book and the entire fourth. Familiar faces from Songs like Tyrion Lannister, Margaery Tyrell and Ramsey Snow are sure to look at the light. Finally, the 6th episode, and the winter is near

- A game from the developers of the premium games The Walking Dead - A Telltale Games Series, and The Wolf Among Us

- Meet and interact with characters from the original HBO series

- Visit all the locations famous for the series

- Feel what it is like to take part in the Game of Thrones, where you either survive or ... die

Screenshots from the game Game of Thrones: Season Finale

System requirements Game of Thrones: Season Finale for Mac Os:

  • Supported OS: 10.6. +
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video Card: 512MB
  • Free space on hard drive: 13 GB

Game installation:

  1. Mount image
  2. Rewrite the game to your hard drive
  3. Play

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