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Hairy Tales free Mac Game

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"The protagonist of our adventures is the hairy Hairy, whose world was brutally destroyed by the forces of evil. However, even after destroying the city, evil continues to do its bad deeds. Residents are angry and ready to do anything to save their world. But there is one problem, they are very quick-witted and run headlong wherever they look and can’t carry out their plan. The player will have to help the main character with all his might, directing him to the true path. The game is built on honeycombs, similar to those in strategies. You will need to move and rotate these honeycombs Thus, so that our hairy hero does not fall into the abyss and goes to the right place. Tiles can be moved, twisted in different directions. The goal of the game is to go to the portal, collecting mushrooms along the way, which are the personification of the "three stars" that are many popular games.To reach the treasured portals will not be easy, because at each level there are many traps and obstacles that will interfere with you in every way.For example, some living plants, jumping on which, the main character will die. But fortunately the players also have elements that, on the contrary, will help in solving complex puzzles. Walls, due to which the player does not fall into the abyss, wells, capable of teleporting the hero, etc. At the moment, 72 levels are available in the game, which are scattered across three worlds. At the end of every world there are bosses. Hairy Tales has turned out very fascinating and interesting puzzle. And maybe even one of the best 3D puzzle games. It has an interesting plot with a very unusual main character, a huge number of completely different levels of different difficulty levels. Great graphics and sound. A lot of interesting puzzles and boring gameplay. "

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System requirements Hairy Tales for Mac Os:

  • OS X 10.6.6 or later

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