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Real MYST Interactive 3D Edition free Mac Game

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System requirements
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A fully three-dimensional remake of the first part of Myst. It added the effects of day and night, weather effects, as well as a new century - The Rime Age.

If someday it dawns on humanity to launch creations of stars underestimated on this planet to entertain other races, only Myst and realMYST should be included in the quest package. You cannot answer the question of what kind of quests you need to do. But you can give an exact answer, how they should be done.

The game, which forever determined the fate of hundreds of developers, has not changed in six years. Games for some reason do not change if they are released a second time, no matter how radically the appearance has to be improved. But Rand Miller and Cyan again shook the foundations of the universe. They made realMYST the same significant event for our time as Myst was for the former.

A lot of reviews about realMYST are floating in the network vacuum. Some are riddled with nostalgia, others are good-natured, others are neutral. Probably there are bad ones. But only one seemed worthy to me. It is quite small and is owned by James Korwek, a freelance employee at Just Adventure. “I returned to the island and finished the game,” James writes, “even looked at the New Era that they promised me. Now I will find some place on the shore and watch the sun go down and the stars rise.”

Screenshots from the game Real MYST Interactive 3D Edition

System requirements Real MYST Interactive 3D Edition for Mac Os:

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.1 and higher, runs fine on 10.5.x, it also works on 10.6.5 (read additional information below!)
  • CPU Processor: G3 and higher, great for Intel
  • CPU Speed: 300 MHz and higher
  • Memory: 64 Mb for Classic, 128 Mb for OS X
  • Video Card and Ram: 16 Mb ram, should go on everything modern, including the GMA 950
  • Hard Disk Space: 650 Mb

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