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The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk free Mac Game

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Solve puzzles in a world full of secrets and save the family of flutonos! Their dynasty looked after Asposia for centuries. Secretly, they filled this toy world with light and life. But when this became known, then persecution began against the family. Emil, a trader in various trash, convinced the Asposians that the flutonos hobble with dark powers. Only Robert, the heir to the throne of flute players, can stop Emil’s villain. But for three whole years he was turned to stone. With great enthusiasm, although not too understanding what is happening, he sets off in search of a living legend - the last wind monk. Of course, he has reliable friends: Beak, a faithful but flightless dove, and Laura, flying, but only on a broomstick (she is the love of Robert's whole life ... in the sense of Laura, not a broomstick). Everything changes when they meet the mysterious Mama Dolya, who seems to know more about Robert’s fate than he would like.

Check out the fun and moving sequel to The Inner World. It's okay if you did not play the first game, it is beautiful in itself!

Switch between cute heroes: Robert, Laura and Beak, their awkward but kind dove.

Enjoy hilarious dialogues voiced by beautiful actors.

Solve funny brain puzzles: fight with Uncle Oboe to win the most valuable prison toilet paper, make a commotion at the factory for cutting clumps, return the bingo-pony lost happiness and save Asposia! Again!

The patented multi-level hint system will allow each player to complete the game!

Learn new songs for your magical flute nose to awaken ancient artifacts and cause the wind!

Enjoy beautiful animation and atmospheric soundtrack!

Explore the strange station of the cable car of the Asposia Main Station, get acquainted with the crazy workers of the kummyr factory, find out the secret of the Shovel Mountains and much more!

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System requirements The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk for Mac Os:

  • OS X 10.6
  • Processor: Intel® Core ™ Duo 1.83GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Video card: 256 MB VRAM supporting DirectX 9.0c and PixelShader 3.0
  • Disk Space: 4.5 GB

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