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Shardlands free Mac Game

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System requirements
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“At first glance it’s very difficult to determine the genre of the game, because it has elements of a puzzle, arcade and even stealth, and this whole mixture immediately raises the game to a new level of playability and originality. The plot is that the girl gets into an unknown world and trying to find her way home, for this she will need to collect keys at all levels in order to activate the teleport to the ion machine, after which she will be able to leave this place.In order to get closer to the goal, the girl will need to go through the set levels in a small open Once they’ve completed a location, a new location with new levels becomes available after that. The game in its genre has a piece of the “puzzle”, and a big piece of it, so you often have to strain gyrus and think, “what to do next?” The player will be allowed to move objects, mainly blocks hanging in the air, with which you can move to the other side of the level section.We will also press buttons that will turn off or on the contrary turn on the lasers or set the blocks in motion. The goal of each level is the same and simple, but it is not always easy to fulfill it. In order to complete the level you first need to collect everything ... the "white circles", after which the door will open, after which the player can pick up one of the keys for the miracle machine. In addition, it is worth noting that in each new level some new element of gameplay is added and it becomes more interesting to play. In games is not complete without enemies, the game Shardlands is also not deprived of them. The main problem is that they cannot be killed, and stealth elements are present here. It’s not very intense, you’ll only be allowed to hide from the enemy, and then run away. "

Screenshots from the game Shardlands

System requirements Shardlands for Mac Os:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
  • 2 Gb Ram
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600, AMD / ATI Radeon HD 2600 or Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • OS x 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

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