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Tasty Planet free Mac Game

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Tasty Planet is a franchise of top-down video games published by Vancouver-based studio Dingo Games. The games are targeted at ages 8 years and older, and may be downloaded to Windows or Macintosh systems.

The games are focused on the evolution of a prototype bathroom cleaner, "Grey Goo". The levels follow the Grey Goo as it advances from eating dirt particles to bugs and leaves, and then eventually the rest of the universe. The game is arcade in style and has both a casual mode, where players can play for leisure without a timer and the full game which is timed and must be completed before the time runs out to complete the level. In the original Tasty Planet game, there are also 3 bonus levels called Endurance levels, which are long, and can take up to an hour to complete each.

A second game, Tasty Planet Back For Seconds, was released in 2010.

A spinoff game, Tasty Blue, was released in 2014.

A third game, Tasty Planet Forever, was released in 2018.


The plot is shown solely through comic strips at the end of some levels. The first comic strip shows a scientist telling his assistant about his latest discovery, the Grey Goo bathroom cleaner. They place it under a microscope, and the first level of the game begins. After the first two levels of the game, the assistant touches the Grey Goo, who bites him and enters his body. The scientist tells his assistant "Just go and wash your hands."

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System requirements Tasty Planet for Mac Os:

  • Mac OS X

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wolff netto
wolff netto11 June 2022 22:28
I would like this game it looks cool.
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