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DeadCore free Mac Game

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During a strong magnetic storm, you fell into infinity ... You woke up, but amnesia has become your companion. Now you have to explore the world around. Some kind of force pushes you to rise higher and higher. Suddenly you see a huge tower in the fog. You feel that if you want answers to your questions ... you have to climb it. It will not be easy to do this. The tower is protected by a modern security system consisting of complex mechanisms, deadly lasers and robots that constantly monitor you. If you want to survive, you need to use your skills (jump, double jump, jerk, etc.) and such weapons as the “Switch”, with which you can activate or disable traps and robots. Only in this way can you reach the top of the tower and uncover the secret of its origin.


Explore a mysterious world consisting of huge levels with a labyrinth of secret moves.

Unlock new abilities and improvements to gain access to new areas of the tower.

Challenge your friends and try to get into our online leaderboards in Speed Run mode, where every moment matters.

Uncover the secrets of the tower, collecting pieces of memory from its former inhabitants, as well as new levels and music for the "Speed Run" mode.

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System requirements DeadCore for Mac Os:

  • OS: OS X 10.9
  • Processor: Intel i5 2.3 ghz
  • RAM: 3 GB RAM
  • Video Card: Intel HD4000
  • Disk Space: 4 GB

Game installation:

  1. To mount
  2. Rewrite the game in Application
  3. Play

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