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Postal 2: Share the Pain free Mac Game

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System requirements
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An updated edition of the game, entitled Postal 2: Share the Pain included a multiplayer mode. The Macintosh and Linux versions of Postal 2 shipped only as Postal 2: Share the Pain. Share the Pain has since far eclipsed the original production version of Postal 2 in all markets. As part of a promotional effort to advertise the Postal film, in 2008 RWS released the multiplayer part of the game as freeware, minus the UnrealEd based level editor PostEd.

The famous game is in the Mac version. Bloody bloody mochilo in all its glory! Wake the bastard sleeping in you! Show all the assholes how cruel this world is!

The game is strictly contraindicated for lovers of small fluffy animals, muscular young ladies, small children, ecologists, morally unstable, law enforcement officers and non-governmental humanitarian organizations.

The rest, however, is also better not to get involved ....

Screenshots from the game Postal 2: Share the Pain

System requirements Postal 2: Share the Pain for Mac Os:

  • Mac OS X 10.x
  • >1.5 hz
  • >512 Mb

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