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BioShock 2 free Mac Game

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System requirements
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BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Marin and published by 2K Games. A part of the Bioshock series, it is the sequel to the 2007 video game BioShock and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360 on February 9, 2010. Feral Interactive released an OS X version of the game on March 30, 2012. Set in the fictional underwater dystopian city of Rapture, the game's story takes place eight years after BioShock. Assuming control of Subject Delta, a hulking Big Daddy, players are tasked with fighting through "Splicers", the psychotic human population of the city, using weapons and an array of genetic modifications. The game also introduces a story-driven multiplayer mode called Fall of Rapture, which takes place during Rapture's 1959 civil war, before the events of the first game.

BioShock 2 was chiefly developed by 2K Marin, with 2K Australia, Arkane Studios, and Digital Extremes providing additional support. 2K Boston, formerly Irrational Games, also assisted the game's development, with series creator Ken Levine providing input. The story received major changes over the course of development. Garry Schyman, the composer of the first game, returned to create the score for BioShock 2.

The game received positive reviews upon release, with praise directed at the game's narrative, art style, characters, ending and gameplay. However, the game attracted criticism for having a slow start and being too similar to its predecessor. The game was supported with downloadable content upon launch, and a new single-player campaign, titled Minerva's Den, was released in August 2010. The game sold more than 3 million copies, but did not meet Take-Two Interactive's sales expectations. A remastered version of the game was released in 2016, as part of BioShock: The Collection.



Screenshots from the game BioShock 2

System requirements BioShock 2 for Mac Os:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later
  • Intel 2.0 GHz
  • RAM 4 gigabytes
  • 9.1 gigabyte hard drive
  • Graphics 256 megabytes

Game installation:

  1. If you had another copy of the game installed, I recommend that you remove it using a special program (AppCleaner, for example) in order to avoid problems with sound - you may see a nasty crack in the speakers. In system files and saves, the game saves its previous states, which can manifest itself like this. It is also advisable to delete the Bioshock 2 folder along the path / Users / ~ / Library / Application Support / Feral Interactive, where user data and saves are stored. And this one is / Users / Shared / Feral Interactive / Bioshock 2.
  2. Before starting the game, switch the keyboard to English, otherwise the navigation keys will not work! If you still forgot to do this, then exit the game using the keyboard shortcut cmd + Q.
  3. Make sure that the system is allowed to run any applications and SIP is disabled.
  4. Mount the .dmg image by double-clicking on it.
  5. Wait for the system to verify its integrity.
  6. Drag the game icon into the Applications folder.
  7. Wait for the copy to finish.
  8. The game icon will appear in Launchpad, from where it can be launched.
  9. Do not update the game! In the start window, uncheck the “Automatically check for updates” checkbox. Do not send any information to Feral. Serial number is not required, the game does not require activation In the start window, you can select the screen resolution. After the settings, you can uncheck the "Always show this window" checkbox, the start window will no longer be displayed. To see it again, start the game by holding the cmd key until a window appears. In the second launch, the game will show a window about the ability to download version 1.3. Just click ok

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Hooman29 April 2020 02:55
how to change language russian to english?
tiwan21 December 2021 19:49
Download link broken, there is no one seeding (for us to download the game we need people seeding after they finished download)

erixo17 April 2022 01:49
Hi, Some of these, when launch, they start in Russian. Please, for those not familiar with Russian, how do we change it to English?
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