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"Abe's Oddysee":

In the story, you are a slave named Abe who works at a meat factory, which is controlled by an ugly monster, like a bat constantly smoking a cigar. At the plant, under the leadership of such a wonderful comrade, unsanitary conditions, sadism of protection are being created, and slave labor is being used to the full. And then one day, kicking up the hopelessly crap floor of one of the shops, Abe overhears the conversation of the higher authorities - since banal sausages and sausages are not selling very well, the boss has a plan ripe for setting up the release of new meat snacks. From Abe and his kinsmen, peaceful and slaughtered natives (their race is called the mudokon - seriously, that’s it!). Naturally, our hero makes the only right decision in such a situation - RUN! Along the way, saving as many friends and fellow slaves as possible from canning. In less than a couple of minutes, the siren turns on and the guard detachments are sent for the bald Ayb head. The hunt has begun ...

Since nature did not endow the main character either with special strength, or dexterity, or with a large gun, most of the time he will have to fight opponents with partisan methods - luring them under steam presses, distracting them with a whistle or throwing stones, just hiding from them ... However, Racing with armed guards, jumping across bottomless abysses and similar entertainments is also enough for everyone.

The original findings of Abe's Odyssey include a peculiar communication system between the head hero and his relatives - these are several basic actions that allow him to contact them: something like “Hello! (One action) Follow me. (Second action) Wait here . (third) "and so on. Plus, Abe’s ability to open portals to evacuate his friends: you will see birds circling in a ring - press the desired key, and one of the mudokons present on the screen (sorry) will understand what to do and where to jump. By the way, the salvation of these green little snouts with indecent names is very important. Without it, the game would not be considered fully completed. However, it is not necessary to save everyone absolutely - you can forget some, or even completely solve it by accident. The main thing is to save more than to destroy.

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System requirements Oddworld Pack for Mac Os:

  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

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Mark Bragais
Mark Bragais4 May 2022 02:49

please add more peers I can't download this game. please upload more oddworld games
thank you very much
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