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Armadillo Run free Mac Game

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System requirements
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Armadillo Run is a puzzle video game created by Peter Stock.


The aim of the game is to get Armadillo, a yellow basketball-like object (a stylized representation of a rolled-up armadillo) to the blue goal (a "Portal") by creating a structure using various materials that, when activated, will get Armadillo to the goal while keeping within a sometimes strict budget. The gameplay can be described as a mix of Bridge Builder and The Incredible Machine, and is certainly inspired by Rube Goldberg. Its creator, Peter Stock, cites Bridge Builder and Stair Dismount for the construction and dynamic natures of the game, respectively.


The main game has 50 "normal" levels to complete, and several bonus levels if the player has enough money to unlock them.

Every level begins with the Armadillo, the goal, various nodes and, most of the time, some pieces which cannot be moved. The larger nodes are fixed in place; these are indestructible, and are used as mounting points. The player has access to rope, metal bars, metal sheets, cloth, rubber, elastic and rockets as machine building materials. The player can also change the tension of most of the components, as well as setting a timer for some of the components to break. In some levels, certain features or materials are not available. It is up to the player to ensure the structure gets the Armadillo to the goal within the budget for that level, and holds it there for five seconds.

Each material has a cost associated with using it, and the player has a certain amount of money to use for each level. If they create a structure that gets the armadillo to the goal, but costs more money than the player has for that level, the player will fail that level. Because there is a virtually unlimited number of solutions for each level, players are encouraged to try to come up with the cheapest way possible to finish the level.

Screenshots from the game Armadillo Run

System requirements Armadillo Run for Mac Os:

  • 422 Mb on disk

Game installation:

  1. Transfer the game co of the downloaded disk image to the / Applications folder.
  2. Install XQuartz ( according to the instructions. If you had one, just in case, update, it will not be worse.

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