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The advent of TrackMania Nations Forever also unites all TM communities. For the first time, players of the free version will be able to play online together with the players of the paid TrackMania United on servers surrounded by Stadium, common to both games. Players of the paid TrackMania United will also receive the wonderful free United Forever update. In addition to compatibility with Nations Forever, this add-on will contain many bonuses - including tracks that have never been seen before, a new block design for seven environments and an impressive graphics update for three historical environments (Desert, Snow and Rally).

On October 7, 2007, Nadeo announced that they were working on updated versions of TrackMania United and TrackMania Nations. Both new versions have Forever added to their name, and are network compatible. TrackMania Nations Forever includes the new stadium blocks and physics system introduced in TrackMania United, which allow TrackMania United Forever and TrackMania Nations Forever players to compete on the same (Stadium) servers.

Nadeo has stated that because they want the game to have a long lifespan, they are working on the engine and user interface rather than adding new content. TrackMania United Forever, for instance, no longer requires the CD to be in the drive due to different copy protection and anti-cheat systems. They also warn players that some features may not be the final versions.

TrackMania United Forever was released on April 15, 2008, with TrackMania Nations Forever released the following day.

There was also the plan to add the environments Toy and Moon, but they are scrapped.

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System requirements Trackmania Nations Forever for Mac Os:

  • Mac OS X 10.5.x
  • 1 GB memory
  • 128 MB video memory

Trackmania Nations Forever for mac game download

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