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Re-Volt free Mac Game

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Re-Volt is a radio control car racing themed video game developed by Acclaim Studios London and published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999 originally for the PlayStation, PC and Nintendo 64, with a Dreamcast port releasing later in the year.

A sequel, titled RC Revenge was later released for the PlayStation alongside an enhanced PlayStation 2 port titled RC Revenge Pro.


Re-Volt was developed by Acclaim Studios London and released by Acclaim Entertainment. It was originally released on the PlayStation, PC and Nintendo 64 in August 1999, and on the Dreamcast in December of that year.

In October 1999 Acclaim Entertainment released the Re-Volt Car Editor which allowed players to export and edit, or create new cars for the PC version using 3D studio. The editor was simply discovered in the Acclaim Studios London office and as such was released as an unapproved and unsupported piece of code.

In early 2000, a sequel titled Re-Volt 2 was announced and later changed to RC Revenge, and was released in August 2000 for the PlayStation, followed by an enhanced port of the game a few months later called RC Revenge Pro for PlayStation 2.

On October 3, 2013, the PC version of Re-Volt was re-released through digital distribution on The release was based on the community developed 1.2 Beta patch, with additional support for the original CD tracks as MP3 files. On January 14, 2014, the game was pulled on request from the developers of the 1.2 Beta patch due to a misunderstanding with publishers WeGo Interactive, in which the company used parts of the code written by the community without due consent.

Screenshots from the game Re-Volt

System requirements Re-Volt for Mac Os:

  • Processor: 200 MHz
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Graphics: 16 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB

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