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Eufloria HD free Mac Game

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Eufloria (formerly Dyson) is a real-time strategy video game developed by British studio Omni Systems Limited, consisting of independent developers Alex May, Rudolf Kremers and Brian Grainger. It was named after the Dyson tree hypothesis by Freeman Dyson that a tree-like plant could grow on a comet.

The game was released for Microsoft Windows in 2009, the PlayStation Network in 2011 and the iPad in 2012. Mac, Linux and Android versions of this game was pre-released along with Humble Indie Bundle for Android 4 on 8 November 2012. According to the official FAQ for the game, the final release for Mac and Linux was to be provided in the late summer of 2013. Eufloria HD was released for Android on the Google Play Store on 15 December 2012. The BlackBerry PlayBook version released on 29 December 2012.

It is set in a futuristic space environment, where the player assumes the role of the commander of interstellar lifeforms called Euflorians, who live and gain their resources on asteroids. The player has to use basic units that are grown on Dyson trees and are called "seedlings", to colonize and conquer asteroids. On asteroids, Dyson trees may be planted and as the tree grows and gets stronger, it will produce more seedlings with certain attributes. There are also flowers, defensive trees, and other units later in the game. Players battle other empires and seek to discover the origin of a mysterious grey menace, to speed up the return of the mythical Growers.

Eufloria has been described as a simple but charming game with calming music, graphics, and gameplay.


Graphically, Eufloria is simple, with minimalistic graphics, and a simple design. The colour of the Euflorian empire is customizable.

At the start of the game, the player has one tree, called a Dyson tree, on an asteroid. The tree has a number of branches and leaves that fall off and become seedlings, which can be used to either create trees or fight other seedlings. Each tree is unique, the growth of its branches based on a fractal algorithm.

Screenshots from the game Eufloria HD

System requirements Eufloria HD for Mac Os:

  • OS: OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8, or later
  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM
  • Video Card: 128 MB 3D Graphics Card with OpenGL support
  • Disk space: 400 MB

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