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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds free Mac Game

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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is a real-time strategy video game set in the Star Wars universe. It was developed by Ensemble Studios and LucasArts. It was released in November 11, 2001. An expansion pack, Clone Campaigns, was released in May 14, 2002, adding two new factions and campaigns. Later that year, both Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns were released in a box set, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga.

The games were built on the Genie engine, the same one used in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II.


The player starts the game with a Command Center, a scout, and three workers (in a normal random map game) for whichever of the six original factions they choose. The player searches and gathers resources such as Food, Carbon, Nova Crystals, and Ore and then uses the resources in order to create new buildings, combat units, and workers. Food is used for low-end units and troopers, as well as the work force. Carbon is used in place of Wood in Age of Empires 2 for buildings and artillery. Nova Crystals create the more high-end units and can be gathered through getting special "holocrons" (similar to Relics in Age of Empires 2). Ore is used for defensive structures as well as the Gungan unique unit Fambaa. The player can build separate units at separate buildings designed specifically for different types of units. The player can advance through the four Tech Levels by paying a certain amount of resources. When a player advances a Tech Level, more units, buildings, and upgrades become available.

There are a total of seven military structures in the game. These are the Troop Center, the Shipyard, the Mech factory, the Jedi Temple or Sith Temple depending on the faction, the Heavy Weapons Factory, the Airbase, and the Fortress. The Troop center produces 'cannon fodder' early game units. These are the Grenadier, the Anti-Air trooper, the Mounted Trooper, and the ubiquitous Trooper. The Shipyard produces ships, these being the Frigate, the Destroyer, the Cruiser, and the Anti-Air Frigate. The Mech Factory produces Scouts, Assault Mechs, Strike Mechs, and Mech Destroyers. 

Screenshots from the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

System requirements Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds for Mac Os:

  • Mac OS X 10.1 or later
  • 300 MHz PowerPC G3 processor or higher (400MHz recommended)
  • 8 MB graphics card (ATI Rage Pro, NVIDIA GeForce, or better)

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D-Dwag19 May 2022 04:08
Great game thanks!

Great game.  I enjoy all the options and play stuff because you can be the empire...great stuff
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