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Gothic II Gold free Mac Game

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Gothic II Gold is a special edition that includes the original game and the add-on Gothic II: Night of the Raven. The addon has more than 50 new magic artifacts, such as: rings, amulets and belts; 50 new magic spells; more than 150 powerful weapons, etc. Now players have more than enough power to fight Evil.

Gothic II is a role-playing video game and the sequel to Gothic, by the German developer Piranha Bytes. It was first released on November 29, 2002 in Germany, and in North America almost one year later on October 28, 2003. The game was published by JoWooD Productions and Atari, Inc.

Gothic II was a commercial success in Germany, and became JoWood's biggest hit at the time of its release. By 2004, it had sold over 300,000 units when combined with its expansion pack, Night of the Raven. Sales of Gothic II alone ultimately surpassed 400,000 units by 2007, following its re-release as a budget title in Germany.



Like Gothic, Gothic II is set on the medieval styled isle Khorinis. Places include the City of Khorinis, the monastery of the fire mages, farms and woods. The mine valley of part I is also in the game, though it has changed. Of the old camp only the castle remains, the new camp has turned into a region of ice, and the swamp camp is made inaccessible by a fence built by the orcs. The final place visited in the game is Irdorath, a dungeon similar to the temple in Gothic.

Khorinis is a rich area with beautiful farms and dense forests. The main trade resource of Khorinis is the magic ore delivered from its prison colony to the King, who is fighting the orcs on the mainland. Most of the farms in Khorinis are owned by one landowner who has hired mercenaries to protect him and his farms from the militia when they try to collect taxes from the farms. This has caused Khorinis to be on the edge of a civil war. The city is low on food and relies on travelling merchants as the ships from the mainland have stopped coming because of the war.

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System requirements Gothic II Gold for Mac Os:

  • It was done and launched on:
  • MacBook Pro 2.4 / 4Gb / GF8600M GT
  • OS X 10.6.7 Developer update
  • XQuartz 2.6
  • CXZ wrapper by PortingTeam
  • CXZ Engine required

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