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Blockland is a sandbox game built on the Torque Game Engine, in which players build and play using Lego-like building blocks in singleplayer and multiplayer. It was created by American developer Eric "Badspot" Hartman, and was originally released as freeware on November 15, 2004. The game is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, the Lego brand. However, at one point, Lego was in talks with Hartman about purchasng the game. Blockland was spotlighted on The Screen Savers on February 11, 2005, drastically increasing the user base overnight. It has also been featured on Shack News. Blockland was officially released on February 24, 2007. On December 16, 2013, Blockland was released on Steam after spending nearly a year on Steam Greenlight. As of February 2017, the game's community consists of over 218,000 players.


Blockland is an open-ended sandbox game, giving players the freedom to design and construct elaborate structures. Styled as a minifigure, players build inside of the virtual world using bricks reminiscent of toy blocks. These structures can be built in either a singleplayer or multiplayer server. Any player who buys the game is able to host a standard server, holding up to 100 players.

The properties of individual bricks can be changed, such as illumination, particles, and specularity. Blockland also features NPCs, weapons, destructible vehicles, and a minigame system, enabling users to create new self-contained gameplay modes. These can range from deathmatch to full games-within-a-game, such as RPGs, or zombie survival. Blockland also features a trigger and event-based system to create basic interactive objects, such as operable light switches, missile launchers, collapsing structures, or arcade games such as Pong or Breakout. Blockland has a large community of player-created add-on content, such as gamemodes, vehicles, and specialty bricks.

Shadows and Shaders

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System requirements Blockland for Mac Os:

  • 800 mhz cpu
  • 512mb ram
  • 32mb openGL compatible video card

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