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ZDSimulator free Mac Game

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System requirements
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ZDSimulator is a brand new locomotive control simulator developed by Vyacheslav Usov.

Imagine that there is a simulator in which there is already enough of “ours”, which is enough for a long time and where there is a feeling of driving and realism at the level of professional simulators, and adapted for an ordinary person. Imagine that everyone has a direct connection with the developers, who take into account all the comments and suggestions.

Have you ever wondered what it is to drive a real train? Or do you like to travel and you are interested in looking at the scenery from the cab of the locomotive? If yes, then this simulator is for you! Here you can try both a heavy freight train and a fast passenger train, drive through exact copies of real railway sections in the game version of the program, which is used in simulators for train drivers and is very realistic, which is improved and honed every day. We take into account all the wishes of users to improve realism and regularly release updates. Over the years, more than a thousand wishes have been written, most of which we have implemented.

If you are a beginner, then the "beginner" mode will help you with tips on what to do and what to press. The game in this mode does not require special skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in how the locomotive is arranged inside, you can see the nodes and devices in operation, see the visualization of electrical circuits.

If you are a professional, then in the “driver” mode you can try interesting developing scenarios, you will encounter malfunctions that may have to be fixed by setting jumpers, wedging contacts, and in other ways.

The simulator itself is developing, thanks to it you can improve your knowledge of physics, locomotive devices, prepare for exams and get practically applicable knowledge and experience at work.

Features of the simulator:

Screenshots from the game ZDSimulator

System requirements ZDSimulator for Mac Os:

  • A processor of at least 2 GHz, preferably 2 cores or more
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D video card with a memory of at least 512 MB

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