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X-COM is a series of computer games founded by MicroProse in 1994. The first part was UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe (known as X-COM: UFO Defense in North America), developed by a team led by Julian Gollop. After the success of X-COM: UFO Defense, the team immediately began working on X-COM: Apocalypse, which eventually became the third part of the series, released in 1997.

Between these two games, the internal MicroProse team created the X-COM sequel: Terror From the Deep in less than a year, in order to make quick money (but at the cost of a crazy resemblance to the first part). Many features of the first two games were also inherited from creations such as Rebelstar and Laser Squad for the ZX Spectrum, including the names of organizations (for example, "Marsec").

The plot of the series is quite simple and straightforward, with small variations in each part: armies of hostile aliens invade Earth, killing and enslaving the human race. The motive and style of the game closely matches the classic BBC series called UFO.

In each part of the series, the player acts on the side of the organization "X-COM" ("Extraterrestrial Combat Unit"), which literally means "unit to combat aliens." In X-COM: UFO Defense, this unit protects states from alien invasion, in exchange receiving financial support. Any country can stop it if the work of X-COM is considered unsatisfactory, or if the aliens manage to infiltrate the government. By exploring alien artifacts mined in battle, X-COM is developing more and more powerful and advanced weapons, armor and equipment to deal with invaders, as a result revealing the true nature of aliens.

The game is played in two modes: strategic (Geoscape) and combat (Battlescape). This division is, in fact, the hallmark of the series.

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System requirements X-COM Pack for Mac Os:

  • macOS X 10.9 and higher

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