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Euro Truck Simulator 2
Views:  27 655 / Comments: 4

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Developer: SCS Software

Release date: 2015

Version: 1.16.2s

Interface language: Russian, English

Platform: PPC/Intel Universal

Euro Truck Simulator
Views:  5 220 / Comments: 3

Euro Truck Simulator

Developer: SCS Software

Release date: 2012

Version: 1.4

Interface language: Russian, English

Platform: Intel only

Bus Driver
Views:  5 335 / Comments: 2

Bus Driver

Developer: SCS Software

Release date: 2014

Version: 1.5.3

Interface language: English

Platform: Intel only

American Truck Simulator
Views:  11 106 / Comments: 3

American Truck Simulator

Developer: SCS Software

Release date: 2016

Version: 1.0

Interface language: Russian, English

Platform: Intel only

Vehicle simulation for Mac OS Free

Vehicle simulation is a computer video game genre where the control process of various vehicles is transmitted as accurately as possible. It can be cars, planes, spaceships, submarines, motorcycles, tanks, etc.

Often in addition to driving simulations, players are invited to participate in races or other competitions. Also, simulators teach the player not only to manage, but also to maintain the transport. If necessary, it is necessary to carry out repairs, monitor the fuel level, change the appearance of the car and so on. There are games where players can construct their own ships, conduct trials, and then learn to control them.

Most of the Vehicle simulation Games for Mac Free Download are flight and driving simulators, but also any game that creates the feeling of driving (even if it's a broomstick from Harry Potter) is included in this genre. There are several main types of transport:

  • Marine. It takes into account the environment and behavior of boats in different weather conditions;

  • Agricultural. The player will be taught not only to plow the land, but also to care for animals using machines, and even synthesize biofuels;

  • Air transport can be civil or military, so users will have the opportunity to study the types of bombing and so on;

  • Racing cars will allow players to go to well-known tracks as a racer on their favorite car;

  • Space transport is not popular, as the real process of rocket control is rather slow and boring. Mostly space simulators have a sci-fi style;

  • Railway. Players can become a train, subway or tram driver;

  • Tanks and furs give players the opportunity to be at the epicenter of hostilities and apply combat transport control skills;

  • Trucks. In such games, you can not only learn how to drive a truck, but also build your own freight business.

The most popular transport simulators are:
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator;

  • Spintires

  • Farming Simulator;

  • Wing Commander;

  • 18 Wheels of Steel;

  • Kerbal Space Program.

The main goal of this genre is to show the player all the subtleties of transport control from the point of view of the driver or pilot. With the help of such games you can learn to land a plane or launch a rocket into space, never seeing this vehicle in reality. If you want to feel like a truck driver or a pilot of a large plane, then choose a game on this page, here you can Vehicle simulation games download for mac.

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